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As a Reseller of Seccua product, you will be able to offer leading products with strong unique selling propositions to your customers. No matter if residential water-purification or professional water-treatment, Seccua is the leading technology provider in the field of water treatment.


Quality manufacturing "Made-in-Germany"

While most products available today in the water-treatment-market are produced low-cost and low-quality, Seccua manufactures its product in Germany following strict quality-standards, with a team of skilled workers, fairly paid and part of our team. It feels good to sell a product, which incorporates a spirit of passion, quality and innovation.


Your business will grow long-term, based on our spirit of innovation

Seccua has been amongst the first companies world-wide to introduce membrane filtration into drinking-water treatment. We have been introducing chemical-free scale-protection in early 2017. Our business is strongly based on innovation. You will always be able to present the latest in water purification technology to your customer.


Family owned business, out for long-term relationships

Seccua is not a large corporation, but we are a family owned company, based in Bavaria close to the Alps. Our business decisions are not dictated by quarterly stock-market-reportings. We invest into building long-term relationships and sales-networks, which makes us a long-term partner in your business.


USA & Canada

To become a reseller or Manufacturers Representative for Seccua in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Middle- or South-America, please get in touch with

Seccua Americas, LLC

(844) 533-1305

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Other International territories

If you want to get in touch with us and become a reseller for countries outside the Americas and outside the EU, please contact our headquarter in Germany

Seccua GmbH

+49 8862 91172-30

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