Where can Seccua filtration be used?

Seccua offers the right water treatment solution for any situation with natural filtering methods that deliver water that retains its healthy mineral content. And at each tap in the supply network!

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"Whole House" Water Purification

Tap water encounters numerous contaminants while traveling through the city’s old and often dilapidated waterways until it reaches your faucet, even though it may have originated from a clean source like mountain snowpacks or freshwater lakes. By installing a Seccua filtration system at your water’s Point-of-Entry (PoE), you can be confident that your water is free of harmful pathogens in the water supply, protecting your entire household from risks associated with municipal water contamination.

Water purification at home

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GE Homespring Replacement

Is it time to replace and upgrade your GE Homespring system with a superior Seccua filtration system? Seccua provides a full replacement program for GE Homespring Units. In early 2015, General Electric announced that it was discontinuing the product line and would no longer support the installed base–leaving hundreds of Homespring owners and dozens of dealers without access to spare parts, replacement systems or factory service and support. Let’s find out which Seccua system is the best Homespring replacement unit for your application.

GE Homespring Replacement

Private Wells

No matter how high the concentration of suspended solids or pathogens, Seccua UrSpring filter elements have passed the world’s most stringent testing. No matter how much turbidity in your well water, UrSpring Well guarantees that all bacteria, parasites, and viruses are caught and then automatically flushed from the filter.

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Die Gufferhütte am Achensee setzt Seccua Filtration zur Sicherung der Trinkwasserqualität ein.

Lodges, cabins, cottages

Lodges, cabins, cottages, bungalows or retreats. Call them what you will, we all love to get away from it all. But how do you ensure you get quality water in the remote places we love? Don’t ruin a get-away by getting sick from your lodge’s water supply! The problem is that as you slip off the grid, so does your water supply – just because the water looks clear, does not mean it is safe to drink. Seccua has a brilliant solution for your water treatment.

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Legionella Removal in Buildings

To protect whole buildings against Legionella and to reduce existing legionella and biofilm growths drastically, the stream of microorganisms and nutrients coming in from the city water lines needs to be stopped. This is best done by installing a Seccua filtration system directly at your building’s water intake from the city. Seccua even has a temporary solution for shower bans: an easy-to-install shower filter that prevents you from inhaling the dangerous Legionella that can be found in the steam coming off the shower.

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Dental Practices

Legionella represents a high risk to patients and staff alike. The fine water droplets created during dental procedures get breathed in and can cause fevers or even severe pneumonia. Dental offices need to make sure that the water quality meets the legal requirements at every tap.

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Sauberes Wasser an allen Entnahmestellen

Restaurants & Food Industries

City water is quite frequently used without further treatment in food processing. More than two-thirds of the world’s fresh water supply is used to produce food and the water quality has a direct impact on the quality of the food, its shelf life, and its appearance. But is our public water supply really clean enough that it can be safely used to produce and process our food?

Seccua in Food Production

Public Water Supply

Seccua Phoenix and Virex Pro systems are now in use in more than 120 public water supplies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, delivering safe, sterile drinking water. Seccua is not only a leader in technology, but also has the most references in this important market segment. We also have service technicians and installation & service partners across Germany who can support you in the installation, operation, maintenance, and optimizing the operation of your system. We’ve summarized the rules you have to follow when choosing a purification process here.

Treating Surface Water & Influenced Groundwater

Did you already know … ?

Seccua filtration systems flush automatically once a day – and the process uses just 1% of the normal flow.

Seccua filtration systems

Purest water by ultrafiltration

The filter systems from Upper Bavaria-based Seccua work against germs and legionella in two ways. They use a high-tech membrane borrowed from medical technology to remove Legionella and millions of other pathogens from the water without leaving any residue behind.

They also drastically reduce the concentration of nutrients for the bacteria in the water so that any existing contamination is starved and soon disappears. Studies confirm that the technology reliably removes more than 99.99% of all pathogens. Seccua thus provides an inexpensive, low-maintenance, and an almost one hundred percent reliable solution that works without having to resort to the use of radiation, chemicals, or disinfectants.

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Advantages of ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration is a purely physical filtration with a defined pore size of about 20 nanometers (by comparison, a human hair is 60,000 millionths of a millimeter thick). This following substances are completely removed from the water:

  • legionella
  • pathogens, parasites, viruses
  • turbidities

Ultrafiltration as used in corresponding treatment systems can be a reliable, cost-effective, and safe substitute for the natural filtration process for removing turbidity and germs.

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