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„UrSpring Well purifying well-water in Pennsylvania, USA“

We’ve installed a Seccua UrSpring Well filtration to treat the water from our spring, before we use it in our home for drinking, cooking and washing. My great grandfather put the water system in in the 1930s. After we installed the system, we tested our water and found Coli in the feed to the system but none after the Seccua UrSpring Well. The UrSpring Well is doing a great job for us.

Chip M., Aliquippa, Pennsylvania (USA)

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Why to use Seccua filtration on your well water

Seccua filtration offers full rejection of pathogenic bacteria and parasites, higher than any media and cartridge-filtration. The rejection of Seccua filters has been tested and verified to US EPA and German DVGW standards by third parties.


Seccua filtration also removes all suspended solids from water, so turbidity and nano-particles will be fully removed. Unlike media filtration it will never "break through", if the load of particles in the feed becomes unexpectedly high.


Seccua filtration is flushing itself when needed. As the only one of its kind, Seccua UrSpring Well filters come with a sensor that determines the rate of fouling of the filter, which involves more than only sensing differential pressure.


As an extension to a Seccua Filter, the Seccua BioFilter provides solutions to remove Arsenic and dissolved contamination like pesticides or residuals of pharmaceuticals from well water. The BioFilter can also stabilize hardness in the water and prevent scaling.


Seccua filtration compared to conventional technology

Seccua UrSpring Well & BioFilter Combo

UV Filter, e.g. Sterilight

Media Filter, e.g. Aquasana Rhino

Full removal of E-Coli

  • Yes, Seccua Filtration has pores small enough to filter E-Coli from water. Tested and confirmed under US EPA monitoring.
  • No, UV only modifies the DNA of bacteria but leaves them in the water
  • No, media filtration has no defined pore-size, only very slow sand-filters will remove bacteria

Full removal of Cryptosporidia

  • Yes, Crypto and Giardia are fully removed by the nano-pores of the Seccua filter
  • No, UV can not reach through the shell of Cysts and Spores, so Giardia and Crypto cannot me reliably removed.
  • No, conventional media filtration cannot be applied as a protective filter against pathogens.

Reliable removal of pathogens even when particles are in the water

  • Yes, Seccua filtration removes particles and pathogens. Fully.
  • Everything that flows into a UV also flows out.
  • No, pls refer to above.

Self flushing to prolong lifetime

  • Yes, Seccua filtration flushes itself when high filter fouling is determined.
  • No
  • No, media filters typically require pressurized air and a lot of water for flushing

Removal of dissolved contaminants

  • Yes, Seccua BioFilter removes Arsenic, Taste, Odor, residuals of pharmaceuticals
  • No
  • Yes, depending on the selected media

Stabilization of hardness

  • Yes, a Seccua BioFilter with Seccua AntiCal media provides stabilization of hardness without the use of chemicals.
  • No
  • Yes, depending on the selected media

Removal of Pathogens and Particles

Seccua Filters remove all contaminants from water, which are large than 20 Nanometer. This includes:

  • Parasites (e.g. Cryptospridia),
  • Bacteria (e.g. E-Coli),
  • Cyst (e.g. Giardia)
  • Spores (e.g. Crypto)
  • Turbidity and suspended solids
  • Nanoparticles

The #1-choice for treating GUDI

Especially in mountain regions, the rocky soil with its large caves and cracks has very little filtration effect. Seccua Filters take over instead:

  • Physical filtration with pores smaller than 20 Nanometer
  • Full removal of all particles
  • Automatic flushing of the filter

Tested under supervision of the US EPA

In long-term tests, Seccua filters have been tested under the supervision of US EPA and the Department of Health of Minnesota. They have proven:

  • Full removal of bacteria
  • Full removal of parasites
  • Greater 99,99% removal of virus
  • Up to 30% reduction of color

Removal of Color and Chloramines

If chlorine is used to disinfect such water containing color, carcinogenic disinfection by-products (DBP), like e.g. chloramine are created.

Combined with a Seccua BioFilter, Seccua filtration can

  • reduce color
  • reduce the amount of chlorine
  • reduce the creation of disinfection-by-products (DBP)

Removal of pesticides and residuals of drugs

Agriculture releases Nitrates, Phosphates and various pesticides into the ground, antibiotics and growth-hormones are widely applied in breeding of live-stock and reach our ground water through faeces and manure.

Such contaminants are significantly reduced by the Seccua BioFilter, which removes:

  • Pesticides
  • Residuals of drugs and
  • Hormones and endocrines disruptors

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Which solution meets your needs?

If your well pump delivers your water right into your home, the filtration performance of the filter must be sized appropriately to the peak loads of water usage. Let us help you to find the perfect filtration for your needs.

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Seccua UrSpring Home

UrSpring Well

Desinfect your well-water without the use of chemicals or UV.

  • Bacteria, Viruses
  • Parasites
  • Turbidity

UrSpring Well

Seccua BioFilter

Seccua BioFilter

Combined with the Seccua Ultrafiltration, this technology will provide your family with the most secure water treatment you can acquire.

  • Option 1: Removal of Pesticides
  • Option 2: Removal of Hardness
  • Option 3: Removal of Arsenic

Seccua BioFilter

References: UrSpring Well

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