For public water utilities

The Phoenix filters all pathogens out of the water – also available with an optional patented, state-approved, fully automatic integrity test. Ideal for removing germs resulting from surface factors and for implementing a double or multi-barrier system.

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Safe water for whole communities

Finally, germ-free water without suspended matter. The only filter in its class with certified, full retention of pathogens and an integrated, fully automatic membrane test for permanently safe germ removal. Easy to operate, with lower operating costs and less capital expenditure than conventional filtration. The permanent retention of pathogens and the ability of the system to detect the smallest defects in the membrane was demonstrated in months of testing, supervised by the world’s strictest health authorities.

Complete removal of germs and suspended matter

The pathogen and suspended matter removal performance of the Seccua UltraFilter nanopores far exceeds the requirements of operators and authorities. The Phoenix has demonstrated complete removal of viruses, bacteria, and parasites in independent tests conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It also removes suspended matter so reliably that downstream sterilization processes, such as UV systems, can operate effectively.

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Phoenix in brief:

  • For public water utilities
  • For unfiltered water
  • Removes pathogens, viruses, parasites, suspended matter, and particles without a trace
  • Fully automatic, high-resolution integrity test

Integrated membrane test

Officially recognized under DVGW W213-5 and US EPA standards

In order to check the high retention performance regularly under operating conditions, the Phoenix can be equipped with an integrated membrane test that detects even the smallest membrane damage of 0.8 µm in diameter, thereby permanently ensuring safe retention of more than 99.99% of all bacteria. In combination with triggering of the test through suspended matter fluctuations in the filtrate, the system has a continuous indirect integrity test and a directly integrated, fully automatic membrane test.

Only the Seccua compact systems with their advanced, standardized control technology are capable of meeting the high requirements of the DVGW worksheet W213-5 while also keeping costs low. Extremely high-resolution measuring and control instruments are integrated into the system electronics for the purpose of performing the test; the specially developed programmable logic controller (PLC) has capabilities comparable to a standard industrial PLC.

4 Reasons for Phoenix water treatment

Cost savings: fully automatic

As the only ultrafiltration system in their class, the Phoenix measures the current level of filter contamination based on the flow rate and the pressure drop across the filter. In this way, the Phoenix can automatically respond to quality fluctuations at the inlet and can adapt its flush cycles accordingly. So with lower levels of suspended matter at the inlet, it can flush less frequently. Compared with conventional filtration technologies, the Phoenix offers significant savings potential for operational and capital expenditures.


Superior performance

In independent tests, the in-out filter process of the Phoenix has been proven far superior to other filter systems, especially out-in and air-flush systems, in terms of reliability and operating costs: “Whereas the in/out system ran with comparatively low transmembrane pressure (TMP) and permeability in normal operation, the TMP in the out/in system was significantly higher with lower permeability at the same standard surface load.”(Dipl. Ing. [Graduate Engineer] Welsch, Trier Municipal Works)


Superior Service

As soon as the system detects irregularities in the operation, it can send text messages and also alert an existing alarm network. When equipped with a GSM modem, which is available as an option, the system operator can easily retrieve all operating data and logs via the Internet and can remotely control the system from his or her desk. Our competent customer service provides assistance to system operators at many plants around the world.


Made for the toughest applications

For extremely difficult waters, the Phoenix can combine different cleaning methods, including pre- and post-flushing, internal mutual backwash, or flushing by means of a connected backwash pump. If metering stations for cleaning chemicals are connected, the system can also carry out a chemical-assisted, automatic, multi-stage cleaning process.


Technical data about Phoenix


Seccua Phoenix

Removal Performances (1)

  • Virus (MS2 Phages): >4 log (>5.7 log proven in third-party testing)
  • Bacteria (B. Subtilis, E-Coli): >4 log (>9.7 log proven in third-party testing)
  • Parasites (Cryptosporidia): >4 log (>4 log proven in third-party testing)
  • Rust & Particles
  • Turbidity

Max. operating pressure

5 bar (75 psi)

Max. operating temperature

40°C (104°F)

Min. operating temperature

4°C (39.2°F)


  • Optional: integrated membrane testing
  • Approved by EPA Filtration Guidance Manual and german DVGW W213-5

Data sheet

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(1) Filtration performance depends on water quality and temperature. Please design carefully before deploying a Phoenix system and consult with Seccua Authorized System Partners for advise if required. – Bacteria removal of the Ultrafiltration membrane was measured against ASTM F838-05 standards – Crypto and Bacteria removal was also tested by California Departement of Health Ser- vices, the filter modules used (inge dizzer) are listed as „Alternative Filtration Technology“ – Virus removal of the Ultrafiltration membrane was measured against EPA standards.