UrSpring Basic

For commercial applications

Crystal clear, clean water for your customers. Removes all bacteria, microorganisms, and suspended matter from the water. Ideally suited to keep water clean for kitchen counters and kitchen appliances, and to treat water for use in medical technology.

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Ultrapure water for your customers

The ultrafine filter pores of the UrSpring membrane are smaller than viruses, bacteria, and parasites and therefore remove Legionella, Escherichia coli, and even noroviruses from water lines. The UrSpring also removes existing turbidity completely, with no chemicals or irradiation of the water and without leaving a trace.

UrSpring Basic in brief

  • For commercial applications
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, Legionella, and suspended matter from the water
  • Easy to install
  • No chemicals – completely environmentally friendly

Crystal clear water at a high flow rate

The UrSpring Basic is installed either directly at the point of supply for water into your kitchen, under the counter at your restaurant, or just ahead of the appliances that require clean water. The filter removes not only pathogens, but also dirt and rust particles from the water. Because it is easy to flush out, the filter has a very high service life and reduces your water treatment expenses, sometimes drastically. The expensive and frequent cartridge changes that are required for traditional fine filters are a thing of the past.

Why you should not do without the UrSpring Basic

Extremely easy handling

Germs and dirt that are filtered out and retained by the UrSpring Basic collect on the inlet side of the filter and can be flushed out as needed by simply opening the flush line by hand. Only a few liters of water are needed to flush out the filter.


Crystal clear, fresh drinking water

Tap water treated with the UrSpring Basic becomes germ-free, crystal clear, fresh drinking water. In combination with the Seccua BioFilter, the system then also removes bothersome odors or flavors from your tap water and reduces any traces of drug residues and pesticides that may be present. Water treated in this way ensures better-tasting products with longer shelf lives and thus happier customers.


Unbeatably low operating costs

Unlike conventional filters, the filter of the UrSpring Basic can be flushed. Retained pathogens and contaminants are then flushed into the wastewater system. This allows the UrSpring Basic to achieve a significantly longer service life than any conventional filter. For example, UrSpring filters are responsible for thousands of euros in annual savings relating to the cleaning of municipal water ahead of endoscopy stations, since the frequent replacement of expensive filter cartridges is no longer necessary.


Quality standards from the field of medical technology

UrSpring filters were developed in Germany and are manufactured in Germany in accordance with stringent quality standards, with TÜV Süd certification. The core of the UrSpring Home, a membrane filter with pores that are 20 millionths of a millimeter in size, comes from the field of medical technology, where it is used to remove toxins from blood during dialysis.


Technical data about UrSpring Basic


Seccua UrSpring Basic

Filtration performance (1)

Spitzenlast: 20 l/min – Dauerlast: 8 l/min

Removal performance (2)

  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Turbidity & Particles

Max. operating pressure

5 bar (75 psi)

Max. operating temperature

40°C (104°F)

Min. operating temperature

4°C (39.2°F)


  • Approved by EPA & German DVGW

Data sheet

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(1) Filtration performance depends on water quality and temperature. Please design carefully before deploying a UrSpring system and consult with Seccua Authorized System Partners for advise if required.
(2) Virus and Bacteria removal of the Ultrafiltration membrane was measured by US EPA against EPA Standards for Ultrafiltration systems used on surface water filtration on a new membrane. The tests have been carried out using a Seccua Virex Pro unit which uses the same filter elements than the UrSpring systems. Removal performance can decrease over time, caused by membrane damage, without the UrSpring system being able to determine such decay.