UrSpring Well

For private well owners

Removes pathogens and turbidity from your well water or spring water, without the use of chemicals! The UrSpring Well automatically adapts its flushing intervals to the fluctuating quality of your well water or spring water.

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Safe drinking water from your own well

The UrSpring Well has been providing safe, clean drinking water to hundreds of well owners for many years, even in cases of highly fluctuating and poor water quality. Well water & spring water have highly fluctuating quality based on the weather and the time of year. In rural areas, springs are often characterized by a high concentration of very fine suspended matter and even pathogens as a result of surface runoff from strong rainstorms and melting snow. People often rely on their own drinking water treatment, since their only other option for obtaining safe drinking water would be to arrange an expensive connection to the municipal water supply.

UrSpring Well in brief

  • For private well owners
  • Easy to install
  • Removes pathogens, parasites, rust staining, bothersome suspended matter, and Legionella
  • No chemicals – completely environmentally friendly

Intelligent pollutant monitoring

The UrSpring Well is equipped with intelligent pollutant monitoring and fully automatic flushing. The filter controller manages the flushing intervals to ensure that the system flushes itself more often when the water is especially dirty than when it is less polluted. The Seccua UrSpring Well is the only available filter system that calculates pollution based on flow rate and pressure loss. Another highlight: if water is being used in the house, the filter system delays any pending flush cycle. So there is no interruption of the water supply in the house. Then, the flush cycle only takes a few seconds.

Seccua Filtration removes pathogens through filtration

The technology

Our UrSpring Well filter technology removes pathogens from the water, including viruses, bacteria, parasites, and Legionella, as well as rust and sediments. Minerals and trace elements that are dissolved in the water are preserved.

Contamination of our drinking water is often caused by an increasing number of severe storms with high rainfall, ever new pollutants in wastewater that can no longer be handled by our wastewater treatment plants, and the continuing intensification of agriculture. Many germs have already become resistant to conventional treatment technologies such as chlorination or radiation; parasites, for example, survive in the form of spores while bacteria such as Legionella can hide in host organisms or biofilms.

Why you should install the UrSpring Well

Safe drinking water

Well water treated with the Seccua UrSpring Well becomes germ-free, crystal clear, fresh drinking water. In combination with the Seccua BioFilter, the system then also removes bothersome odors or flavors from your tap water and reduces any traces of drug residues and pesticides that may be present.


Tried and proven a thousand times over

Under the strict eyes of the German health authorities, our UrSpring Well technology is already providing safe water to thousands of people. Of course, we also consider it extremely important to make our water purification systems affordable for families.


As in nature

Seccua UrSpring Well makes up for the purifying action that water would normally experience in nature when slowly percolating through age-old layers of earth and rock. And this is all done naturally, without the use of chemicals or radiation. The pores of our UrSpring Well filter are only 20 millionths of a millimeter across, smaller than viruses, and can therefore filter these tiniest of pathogens out of the water naturally.


For the whole family!

Seccua UrSpring Well is designed to treat well water or spring water for a household of up to 6 people. Your drinking water will be clean, germ-free, and safe. The internal monitoring system with corresponding sensors, the extended software for the controller, and the customizable flushing modes are important components for the treatment of well water or spring water and have been tried and proven by many customers for years.


Technical data about UrSpring Well


Seccua UrSpring Well

Filtration performance (1)


Full Removal of (2)

  • Virus (MS2 Phages)
  • Bacteria (B. Subtilis, E-Coli)
  • Parasites (Cryptosporidia)
  • Rust & Particles
  • Turbidity

Water consumption during flushing

Typically less than ca. 1%

Max. operating pressure

5 bar (75 psi)

Max. operating temperature

40°C (104°F)


  • Automatic flushing by time-of-day
  • Approved by EPA & German DVGW

Weights, Dimensions

H 1268 mm (49.9 in.) x W 150 mm (5.9 in.) x D 162 mm (6.4 in.)
Weight (dry): 12 kg

Sizing calculation

Is UrSpring Well the best solution for me?

Data sheet

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(1) Filtration performance depends on water quality and temperature. Please consult with Seccua Authorized System Partners for advise if required.
(2) Virus and Bacteria removal of the Ultrafiltration membrane was measured by US EPA against EPA Standards for Ultrafiltration systems used on surface water filtration on a new membrane. The tests have been carried out using a Seccua Virex Pro unit which uses the same filter elements than the UrSpring systems. Removal performance can decrease over time, caused by membrane damage, without the UrSpring system being able to determine such decay.

Is the UrSpring Well the right system for you?

Use our system size calculator to determine whether our UrSpring Well is the right system for you.

Seccua Sizing Calculation

UrSpring Well can be combined with:

UrSpring Well
Seccua BioFilter

Seccua Biofilter

With the upstream Seccua BioFilter, not only can you guard against Legionella, you can also remove additional pesticides, drug residues, and plasticizers from your drinking water.

  • pesticides
  • residues of antibiotics
  • plasticizers

Seccua BioFilter

UrSpring Well
Seccua AntiCal

Seccua AntiCal

The formation of limescale is drastically reduced on surfaces in your water lines – limescale stains on surfaces are easy to wipe clean. Limescale in your water kettle can be rinsed out and wiped away!

  • lime
  • hardness

Seccua AntiCal

These products can be combined: